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We at Liz Louize started #ProjectYouToday to encourage women to love themselves and live their best lives in the bodies they have right now.

We asked four Metro Detroit women to dig in deep and share a bit about their relationships with their bodies and with clothes. Then we asked them what they love most about themselves and took them shopping at Liz Louize to find a look that expressed just that! From there, we decided to take #ProjectYouToday online!

Our #ProjectYouToday campaign is about building a space on Instagram where women share their journeys and victories with loving and dressing their bodies. We want women to visit the feed as a daily source of outfit inspiration, encouraging words, and good vibes. 

At Liz Louize and with #ProjectYouToday, we want to help dress you to look and feel your best so you feel confident to get out there and participate in life.

As owners of plus size retailers Liz Louize and Bombshell Bridal Boutique, we've worked with women from all walks of life, and each and every day, we hear these constant refrains:

  • I'll buy it in a size down because maybe that'll motivate me to lose weight.

  • I'm not going to plan that trip, book that flight, or do that thing until I've lost X amount of pounds.

  • I like it, but I'd never wear it because it'll make me stand out too much.

When you deny yourself experiences with the intention of rewarding yourself with them only when you lose weight, you're teaching yourself that your body is your enemy. Your body is likely far more capable and deserving than you believe: of wearing a cute outfit, swimming at the beach, enrolling in a fitness class, going out to eat, performing onstage, etc. At Liz Louize and Bombshell, it's our life's mission to change those refrains:

  • I'm going to buy the size that fits me best and not shame myself into losing weight. The number on a tag does not define my worth.

  • I'm going to plan that trip, book that flight, and do that thing no matter my size. I will not let my size stop me from participating in life.

  • I like it, and I'm going to wear it. Being visible and owning my body and style with confidence will inspire others to do the same.

How We're Changing the Way Plus Size Women Think & Live

  • By welcoming shoppers from every step of their body confidence journey.

  • Providing fashions and accessories that excite, delight, and inspire. 

  • Creating a safe and welcoming community where shopping is about finding styles that fit well, express your personality, and project self-confidence to the world. 

  • Building community in-store and online so you can talk body image and fashion, ask for styling suggestions, and see everyday woman owning their unique beauty, bodies, and style.

Our #ProjectYouToday campaign is about creating an online space for women to share themselves out and about living their best lives today. Body image and self-confidence are ongoing projects in our lives, and each day is an opportunity to treat ourselves and our bodies more gently and kindly. We have enough voices telling us to play it safe.


#ProjectYouToday is about raising up the voices that say it's okay to play it your way.

Get Involved with #ProjectYouToday

Share your story on Instagram with the hashtag #ProjectYouToday! We're looking for outfit photos, selfies, and pictures of you out and about enjoying life! You can also caption your photo with your thoughts on your own body confidence journey, your relationship with fashion, and how you're striving to live more fully, happily, and fashionably!

Wearing Liz Louize apparel in your photo? Add hashtag #LizLouizeFind for a chance to be reposted! 

Each week, we'll be reposting our favorite #ProjectYouToday submission on the @LizLouize Instagram feed. We can't wait to see your photos and read your stories!

Meet our Models! 


LaTia wants to surprise and inspire with her unexpected style. She's not the usual girl, and her colorful and vivacious look reflects that. She's modeling our breezy and beautiful Monica Dress.


Kristen is striving to be more decisive and daring in both fashion and life. She's learning to act on things instead of sitting on the sidelines. She looks radiant in our Off The Shoulder Floral Dress.


Evann (damselindetroit.com) seeks a certain timelessness. She believes that each of us is enough and therefore strives to live with a gracious heart. She's modeling our Off The Shoulder Pinstripe Floral Dress.


Kendall (kendallrayburn.com) embodies resilience. She wants her style to reflect an acceptance and appreciation of her body and its journey with childbirth and endometriosis. She models our Navy Ruffle Wrap Midi Dress.

About Liz Louize 

Opened in 2017,  Liz Louize is a plus size boutique with a passion for helping curvy ladies love their bodies. Owners Amy and Amanda have always had a passion for helping plus size women see their worth. Combined with their own fun and flirty sense of style, Liz Louize was born. Unlike other modern day boutiques, Liz Louize was a brick and mortar store before the online shop was created. Amy and Amanda wanted plus size women to have a physical store where they could shop for unique garments that celebrated their bodies and lust for life. This colorful little shop has taken the Metro Detroit fashion scene by storm. Curvy babes from the area have a place they can come and feel beautiful, shop around, and talk about body positivity in a safe place. 

Liz Louize has expanded into an online store that offers that boutique experience through the web. When you place an order with Liz Louize, your items are being pulled from the store itself and packed with love and care by the passionate Liz Louize team. The team aims to help every curvy woman feel that she is valued, seen, and celebrated. The clothes carried in-store are meant to inspire self love and a sense of adventure. Because life is too short for boring clothes!

Read more about our story! 

Stop in to shop our little shop on the corner OR have a boutique shopping experience through the web

Start using #projectyoutoday and see your photo here and on Instagram! 

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